York Theater Royal commissions new work from local artists

A THEATER in York is set to commission new work from dozens of local professional artists in the city and across North Yorkshire, as part of a new project.

Under a new scheme, called Green Shoots, York Theater Royal will select 20 commissions, offering £1,000 per commission plus £150 each performance.

It’s a follow-up to Love Bites, the ‘hit’ show which reopened the theater after restrictions were lifted in May 2021. The performance included 20 short films from local artists who applied to showcase their work on the famous theatre. stage.

Now comes Green Shoots, with new works by local professional artists focused on the post-pandemic reboot and looking to the future of the planet.

Speaking about the new project, York Theater Royal Creative Director Juliet Forster said: “Last year’s Love Bites was a joyful event that will live on in my mind for a long time, not only because we are reopening after 14 months of forced closure, but also because our stage was jam-packed with the immense talent and ingenuity of local artists. It was moving, spectacular, surprising, thought-provoking and funny in equal measure.

“We created this opportunity with Green Shoots because we’re excited to see what they do next.”

The work celebrating local talent and live performances will take to the main stage on June 7 and 8 this year, as part of the new ‘Rumors & Rebels’ season at the York Theater Royal.

More than 2,000 artists from various art forms applied for the Love Bites project last year – and they ranged from spoken word to circus.

Commissions must respond to the title Green Shoots in every way that can be interpreted – pieces can be about hope, recovery, a new beginning, revolution, new life, growth, the environment or anything else which can be imagined as an answer.

The work must be capable of being performed or shared both live and digitally and have a maximum running time of five minutes.

Artists can apply as individuals or as part of a collective. The theater said it wanted to incorporate as wide a mix of art forms and interpretations of the theme as possible, so it welcomes submissions from artists working in any medium.

Interested artists are invited to write a short proposal for their piece, how it might be performed live, and how they would translate it into digital form.

The deadline for submissions, which should be sent to York Theater Royal at [email protected], is 24 March at noon.

For more information about Green Shoots and how to apply, visit the theater’s website at: yorktheatreroyal.co.uk

Aurora J. William