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PARKERSBURG — Owners of a number of dilapidated properties appeared before the Wood County Commission on Thursday to discuss the condition of their properties and efforts to clean them up.

The commission discussed properties at 46 Valley Mills Circle, Parkersburg; 2 Turtle Lane, Davisville; 38 Pine Tree Lane, Parkersburg; and 8 Campbell’s Drive, Parkersburg, with Sarah Robinson, Wood County Compliance Officer, and Maria Hardy, County Engineer.

The property at 46 Valley Mills Circle in Parkersburg has been sold and the new owner says he is working on the property and has made progress on a few issues. He works alone on the property. The county had previously condemned the property.

He said he balances working on the property with taking care of his family. He had removed a fallen tree from a building, cut another fallen tree, mowed and more.

“He did a lot of work” said Commission President Blair Couch.

County officials will continue to give him time as he continues to progress.

The property at 2 Turtle Lane, Davisville had trash, debris and more around the property and in the house described as a trailer. Photos were shown of the interior with huge cobwebs in one of the rooms. Robinson also spoke of four deceased dogs found there and one person who lived in a car on the property for a time.

A neighbor appeared saying she was affected by the smell coming from the property and also had to regularly spray her unit for an insect problem coming from the property in question.

The owner plans to let the county take over the property to clean up and have a lien put on the property so that in the event of a sale, the county can get their money back. He did some work, cleared over 1,200 pounds of trash and got rid of an old vehicle and more.

“It’s like day and night” Couch said comparing original photos of the property taken in June to what it looks like now.

He initially wanted more time as the property has sentimental value due to a family member. He plans to make a decision soon on whether to let the county clean up the property.

Officials have asked him to contact them as soon as he decides anything and Robinson will continue to monitor the situation.

The property at 38 Pine Tree Lane, Parkersburg, was the subject of complaints in April over debris in the yard, lack of maintenance of a storage building and more.

The owner and his son are building a treehouse that the authorities had security concerns about. There was also debris around the house which included materials used in other projects and other materials he plans to recycle. He had a tarp covering an open part of a structure that anyone could walk into. He intends to put doors. He said he was getting to work as soon as conditions allowed and would soon be undergoing surgery.

The owner said he had pictures of concerns about the condition of some of his neighbors’ properties.

Officials said Robinson would contact the owner and they could walk the property to see what needed to be done. The commissioners gave him 60 days to make progress.

Couch revealed that the property once belonged to his grandfather years ago, but his family no longer has a financial interest in the property.

The property at 8 Campbell’s Drive in Parkersburg is owned by Blue Eagle Enterprises, a group that officials say purchased properties during county tax sales.

Robinson said she tried to send notices to the company president registered with the secretary of state’s office, but got no response.

The commissioners want to contact the owners, follow due process and possibly have the house demolished.

In other cases:

* County Clerk Mark Rhodes said 5,587 people voted early on Wednesday.

* No quotes were received for a trailer for the maintenance service. The commission authorized the county administrator to come up with three prices for the trailers and the commission would make the best choice.

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