We do not charge commission on ad spend Adsparkx CEO Claims

“Martech is the market need right now. We believe that we will soon be able to disrupt the Web3 and lead generation industry globally,” says Adsparkx CEO Vipul Taneja while speaking the future of MarTech and their plans to capture market potential

Adsparkx is a performance marketing agency headquartered in India with offices in the United States and Singapore. The team specializes in increasing sales, generating leads and branding our clients based around the world.

Tell us about your company, its business model and its operations.

We are different from most marketing agencies in India as our core business is “PERFORMANCE” only. This means that unlike most of our competitors, we only charge clients when the performance is delivered. We use our expertise in data and advertising campaigns that help us achieve the desired results for our clients within the target acquisition amount they are willing to pay.

We are proud of our principles and we believe in win-win for our customers and for us. Our team only focuses on paid advertising media and therefore we only commit to what we can deliver.

On the other side of Adsparkx, we are a very people-oriented company. The Adsparkx team recently posted something on Instagram that read – We work in “Our-ganization”. Adsparkx is anything but an ordinary agency; we are a young creative team looking to disrupt existing areas of the advertising industry. We’re here not only to help our customers get what they want, but we also work alongside improving the skills and lives of our team members. We think Adsparkx is “One big family”.

What are your company’s Unique Key Points (USPs)?

I believe what makes Adsparkx unique compared to all other companies in India or even the world is the skills and focus we have. We work tirelessly to get the most out of our team members.

During our more than eight years existence in the industry, we have constantly evolved; address the changes in the industry, improve our skills in advertising, also add data science in our decision making and thus achieve the desired results for our clients. Our martech solutions set us apart from the rest of the companies in the space. All team members believe in setting new benchmarks in everything they do and developing a value-driven culture.

We strongly believe in quality over quantity and don’t offer too many services like other agencies. Instead, we only focus on paid advertising and using our data-driven solutions, we deliver exactly what our customers need.

How are you different from existing competitors?

What sets us apart from most of our competitors are two things: quality and volume. We deliver the right consumer to customers and we deliver volumes to them. And how we achieve this is due to our PROCESS for finding successful ad campaigns.

In most cases, our business is not outbound, unlike our competitors, meaning the majority of our business is inbound or referred. You’d find it surprising that we don’t even have a pitch deck to present to clients. We believe that with the effort and expertise we put into each campaign, and the success we create from it, it does all the marketing for us.

And the customers we engage with are not just customers, but partners. Once we welcome a customer on board, a dedicated team focuses solely on driving the consumer for them and ensuring they are successful.

What is the monetization model you follow?

Unlike 99% of agencies, we don’t charge a commission on ad spend, but we work closely to discuss their CPA goals and what they can offer. Once we have a CPA that we both agree on, we set up advertising campaigns using our capital and we get results. Which means our clients never overpay for their CPA goals. This ultimately results in a lasting win-win relationship. That’s why we’re one of the few “strictly performance-driven” companies.

What challenges do you face in running your business?

Honestly, we don’t believe in viewing challenges as challenges. We view challenges as areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. One of the areas we would like to improve is the “Training” structure. Since most of our clients are based in the US, UK, Canada and the like, we need extra work to train our team to understand and learn about the culture/state of mind of our target audience there. This is really important since most of our team members are based in India. Moreover, acquiring the right talent for such performance-oriented roles is not easy in India. We are constantly looking for talented, hungry and dynamic people to join our organization.

How difficult has the pandemic been for you and your business? What has your client’s response been so far post-lockdown?

Business for us during the pandemic was brilliant; Absolutely brilliant. During these unprecedented times, when other businesses struggled, our business grew exponentially. As the majority of our clients were international and aimed at the banking sector and

insurance services, we had a huge demand from our clients to generate leads for them. We added nearly 30 customers within 3 months of the first covid lockdown.

In fact, during COVID, we had more work than before. We managed to triple our team during this time, to keep up with the work we were receiving.

The pandemic has given entrepreneurs around the world an understanding of the power of the internet and how it can help their businesses go global. This has changed the mindset of many business owners and now everyone wants to have an online presence. This has ultimately led to more work for us and we are working hard to keep pace by adding to our talent pool.

What are the pulling details (company achievements)?

Adsparkx was a small team of 10 people before the pandemic, and today we are over 70 people. We’ve generated over 5 million leads and millions of dollars in advertising. Our team today uses Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads and Tiktok to advertise for our clients.

We believe we are one of the highest spending Aboriginal advertising agencies in the country. This is something extremely unique for us. We also catered to different industries such as e-commerce, lead generation, content marketing, app installs, etc.

We recently launched a separate division in our company dedicated to Web3 and crypto marketing. We successfully operate and serve customers in the US, CA, UK, EU and more (over 20 different countries at present).

How do you see the expansion?

It is undeniable that the United States has the majority of our customers. But our goal for the next 3 years is to go global. To support this, last year we added the UK and California to our list. This year, we are all ready to expand our reach in Europe.

Our goal is not to seek customers but also to establish our team and our offices all over the world. We support the culture of remote working and therefore for us operating globally would not be a challenge. For Adsparkx, we want to position ourselves as the best performance marketing agency in the world and the only way we know is world domination.

What has been the most significant learning so far?

Well, there are many. Over the past 8 years, there’s so much I can talk about. But long story short, the biggest learning I have is “Perseverance”. Nothing is accomplished if you are not ready to go all out. Starting a business sounds exciting, but in the end, it’s blood, sweat and tears!

I want people to know it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. But keep going, you will get stronger with each passing day and it will be worth it. There is no pleasure in the destination, it’s all in the journey.

The other thing that matters is innovation. We cannot exclude that the future will need it. So to be effective, you really have to work on building better systems and continuously improving skills. The world is so competitive that if you don’t evolve or innovate, you’ll soon be obsolete.

What is the market size and opportunities?

To put it simply, there is no limit to what we can achieve, as humans and as a company. Martech is the market need right now, especially after the onset of the pandemic, where people have finally realized that running an offline-only business isn’t so smart anymore.

Our in-house technology will allow us to expand internationally and finally get closer to our goal of being a unicorn very soon. We believe that we will soon be in a position to disrupt the web3 and lead generation industry on a global scale.

What are your future plans for the Indian market?

Even though we focus on the international market, we simply cannot rule out the importance of the Indian industry. We live in exciting times and the Indian market is the future. We plan to explore the Indian market in the coming times. We plan to create/partner with a team fully focused on the Indian market. I’m sure we’ll tell you about it soon.

Aurora J. William