Visual application upgrades from Easy-Commission to QCommission

Half Moon Bay, Calif., Aug. 21, 2022 –(– CellarStone Inc., provider of market-leading sales commission software as well as sales performance management software and other solutions, is delighted to share this visual App has decided to switch from Easy-Commission to QCommission to manage their company’s new quarterly bonuses.

“Visual App is an Internet marketing and web design firm in Dallas, TX, specializing in developing online marketing strategies that help business-to-business (B2B) businesses grow their businesses online.” –

Visual App had been using Easy-Commission, another CellarStone product, since July 2012. Easy-Commission, however, was intended for use with simple sales commission structures. As Visual App grew, so did the complexity of its sales commission plan.

They needed sales commission software that could handle their new quarterly bonus. Having worked with CellarStone using Easy-Commission, they didn’t have to look far. QCommission is sales commission software that can be scaled to handle even the most complex sales compensation plans, so the decision to make the switch was easy for Visual App. Visual App has now been using QCommission for over a year, and here’s what their president, Steve Snyder, has to say so far: “The interesting dilemma in commissions is how to structure an incentive that actually drives a result. With QCommission, we are able to structure both an ongoing commission and an incentive bonus that does just that. Commissions are now easy to understand. Bonus incentives are now marked in the different dates of the calendar, which also makes it easier to understand! He also added, “The QCommission product is an upgrade to the Easy Commission product that we have been using for several years. We have 2 commission structures with different period ends, QCommission manages this easily and allows us to export the results for our sales representatives.

CellarStone’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, David Carlson, also had this to share: “The sales compensation process is dynamic and ever-changing. When a company changes or grows, its compensation plan also changes. Good sales commission software should be able to scale with the sales commission processing needs of a business. There are plenty of competitors on the market today, but as you can see, QCommission is the most appropriate choice based on value, features, large install base, and ability to handle complex calculations. We are glad that CellarStone was able to meet Visual App’s sales commission software needs from Easy-Commission to QCommission and they are now enjoying its benefits.

About CellarStone and QCommission
With more than 1,700 customers located in more than 50 countries, Cellarstone, Inc. is a leading company and market leader in the field of sales compensation management, sales operations and performance analytics. sales. CellarStone works with IT, finance, human resources and sales to manage and implement incentive compensation and sales commission systems.

Currently, QCommission has 20 vertical templates, over 40 direct integrations with the most popular CRM and financial systems, and at least 150 reports and analytics available.

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Aurora J. William