Video shows Mack Miller forcibly escorted out of committee chambers

Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Mack Miller was forcibly evicted from Clark County Commission chambers by two private security guards on Tuesday, found himself lying on his back where he appeared injured, according to videos circulating on networks social.

In a video posted to multiple Twitter accounts, Miller can be seen hastily escorted by officers into the lobby through a metal detector, which nearly crashed. Miller falls back.

The video shows Miller, holding a legal pad in his right arm, on the ground for about 90 seconds before getting to his feet. Passers-by can be heard calling for an ambulance.

It is not known if Miller received medical treatment. He did not return any messages on Wednesday seeking comment.

County spokesman Erik Pappa said on Tuesday the incident was under review.

The committee deals with other business before addressing its main agenda in each session and the altercation occurred during a break between meetings, Pappa said, before lawmakers passed a highly controversial resolution to declaring COVID-19 disinformation a public health crisis.

After security officers from the Preventive Measures Security Company, which is employed by the county, asked someone to put on their face mask, a group of attendees became disruptive, forcing officers to clear the room, a said Pappa.

Another video posted by Twitter user Americanka4 precedes the altercation and appears to have been shot on a cell phone by Miller. He shows it inside the committee chambers saying that the security “now don’t be brutal” as he says the meeting was interrupted and the participants were kicked out.

A loud crowd can be heard shouting “freedom of speech!” “

After Miller searches for a name and badge number from at least one security guard, Miller claims he was pushed around and becomes belligerent: “You’re not going to stop me protecting (expletive) rights.” of these people! he yells as he is forcibly led outside into the lobby.

Video provided to the Las Vegas Review-Journal by Mindy Robinson, the 2020 Republican Congressional candidate for the 3rd District, also captures the altercation from inside the chambers, where Miller yells at officers and acknowledges that he has been translated. court martialed and arrested in the past.

Miller is a controversial political candidate who has previously made unsuccessful offers for mayor of Las Vegas and the Nevada assembly.

He deserted his army comrades on the front lines during the height of the Iraq war, pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer and was targeted by the secretary’s office State for allegedly unscrupulous business relationships.

Aurora J. William