Tallahassee City Commission approves $ 29 million for two airport projects – Tallahassee Reports

The Tallahassee City Commission on Wednesday voted to award a construction contract for the International Passenger Processing Facility (IPPF) project ($ 23,476,000) and an additional 5% contingency ($ 1,173,800) to Whitesell-Green, Inc. for an amount of $ 24,649,800.

Funding will be provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Federal Aviation Administration, Coronavirus Assistance, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) grant, sales tax revenues, Right of Way Fund and Repairs, Airport Replacement & Improvements (RR&I) Undesignated Fund Balance. This project is included in the Airport Capital Improvement Program (PAC)

The agenda item notes that IPPF will be a major engine of economic growth for the Big Bend region. The IPPF project calls for the terminal expansion to house an international passenger entry point approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and a federal inspection station that will serve both commercial air services and general aviation needs at Tallahassee International Airport.


On July 10, 2019, the City Commission authorized the acceptance and execution of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program Grant Agreement in the amount of $ 1,776,111.30 for the design of an international passenger handling facility (IPPF) at Tallahassee International Airport.

Airport staff worked closely with the design team at Corgan Associates, Inc. and numerous representatives from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to design a facility that meets the stringent requirements of CBP Airport technical design standards.

CBP has issued preliminary approval for Tallahassee International Airport to be a designated facility for user fees and has indicated that construction of the international passenger handling facility is expected to begin by March 21, 2022.

If construction of the facility has not started by that date, CBP has indicated that Tallahassee International Airport would have to reapply to become a chargeable facility, which would cause significant delays in the entire project. .

The IPPF project provides for the terminal expansion and an approved international passenger port of entry and a federal inspection station that will serve both commercial air services and general aviation needs at the international airport. Tallahassee.

In addition to construction, this project includes funding for permitting, resident project representative, construction administration and construction phase design services. Once construction begins, the project is expected to take 600 calendar days.

Modernization project

The Tallahassee City Commission also awarded a construction contract for Phase III of the terminal rehabilitation project ($ 4,181,000) and an additional 8% contingency for the project ($ 334,480) to Cook Brothers, Inc. . in the amount of $ 4,515,480.

The Passenger Terminal at Tallahassee International Airport is over 30 years old and upgrades and upgrades to Halls A and B in the terminal building are needed to meet current and expected passenger demand and activity levels.

The renovations would include new terrazzo flooring, new carpet in the boarding gate area, electrical upgrades, upgrades to the boarding gate area seats, HVAC upgrades, upgrades coffee concession; and interior wall and ceiling finishing upgrades.

The City published and published a call for tenders (IFB) for phase III of the terminal rehabilitation project, IFB-078-21-CW on August 9, 2021, with tenders due on September 21, 2021. A total of three (3) offers have been received. as summarized in the attached submission table. Cook Brothers, the bidder recommended for award, submitted the lowest compliant bid and demonstrated good faith in achieving the FAA-approved Disadvantaged Enterprise Objective (DBE).

Aurora J. William