San Ramon: Commission to Discuss Proposed Changes to Crow Canyon Commons | News

The San Ramon Planning Commission is scheduled for a study session at its next regular meeting, aimed at providing feedback to city staff and the applicant for the proposed changes to Crow Canyon Commons.

In particular, the commissioners will discuss a proposed Specific Plan Amendment (SPA) to the city’s North Camino Ramon Specific Plan, for which they received a request on Jan. 26. The amendment would allow up to 40% of non-commercial land uses in the Crow Canyon common area.

Land use for Crow Canyon Commons is currently designated in the Commons Mixed Use (TMCU) and Destination Retail Mixed Use (DRMU) Districts. The proposed SPA would move it to a new land use district called Crow Canyon Mixed Use (CCMU), allowing for additional non-commercial use.

Under the city’s existing zoning ordinance, areas designated as shopping centers, such as Crow Canyon, are limited to 25% non-commercial use. Staff and Applicant, Stuart MacDonald of Crow Canyons LLC, point to evidence suggesting that some additional non-commercial uses may increase business in the area, as well as sales tax revenue, as well as increased trade electronics facilitated by the pandemic.

“The applicant’s proposed changes would allow for a more diverse range of service, office and commercial uses at the Center that more closely match modern consumer demands and economic trends,” the project proposal states.

Other changes under the proposed SPA would include allowing electric vehicle service with a conditional license and for uses such as specialized training, tutoring, art, dance and music studios, service restaurants and e-commerce distribution centers with minor use permits.

According to the description of the proposed CCMU district, it “is envisioned as a modern mixed-use district allowing for a relatively flexible range of commercial and commercial uses that

complement the surrounding mixed-use areas” with additional non-commercial uses such as office, education and general service space on the ground floor, and residential, office and studio space envisaged on the upper levels.

An analysis of the tax benefits of the proposal by Steve MacDonald of Sedway Consulting highlights Crow Canyon’s competition with other nearby retail destinations, such as Dublin and Walnut Creek, as well as the impacts of the pandemic and other economic factors on the outlook for retail space.

Tuesday’s study session should be informational only, with no formal action taken. Staff and the applicant seek feedback from Commissioners before moving forward with the application process.

The San Ramon Planning Commission is scheduled to meet Tuesday (March 1) at 7 p.m. via Zoom. The agenda is available[file:///C:/Users/jmlym/Downloads/2022-03-01%20Planning%20Commission%20-%20Public%20Agenda-3057pdfhere[file:///C:/Users/jmlym/Downloads/2022-03-01%20Planning%20Commission%20-%20Public%20Agenda-3057pdfhere[file:///C:/Users/jmlym/Downloads/2022-03-01%20Planning%20Commission%20-%20Public%20Agenda-3057pdfici[file:///C:/Users/jmlym/Downloads/2022-03-01%20Planning%20Commission%20-%20Public%20Agenda-3057pdfhere

Aurora J. William