Rubio a leader on international business, Neunder ideal for commission

Keep Rubio in the office for our safety

US Senator Marco Rubio is a key and influential supporter of strong and effective US national security. His comprehensive understanding of U.S. national security includes not only our military preparedness and leadership in international foreign policy, but also our economic and energy security, public health security, immigration/border security policies, and of humanitarian rights.

He is a recognized international defender of our American national interest, a vital influencer in the global world of competing sovereign interests, and the most ardent defender of human rights values. As a first-generation descendant of parents who fled communist Cuba, he viscerally understands the inhumanity of communism and authoritarianism.

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There is no political leader better prepared or more articulate on international affairs in the United States Congress than Senator Rubio. He deserves your vote in November.

Walter K. Steiner, Lakewood Ranch

The candidate for the Commission has a total package

Choosing a candidate to represent us on the Sarasota County Commission requires careful consideration.

Some candidate campaign ads promise taxpayers that if elected, they will bring about change. However, these candidates promise to do things that they will not have the power or the authority to do.

All county commissioners must follow the overall plan, the Code of Land Development Regulations, and state and federal laws.

Each commissioner has one vote. To make changes, commissioners must convince others to support their proposals.

Commission candidate and former Venice City Council member Dr. Joseph Neunder has a voting record that shows he understands the limits of laws and regulations. I saw firsthand his ability to influence others for the benefit of taxpayers.

I admire his honesty and integrity. He is a man of character.

Neunder arrives at government meetings fully prepared, having researched and researched all agenda items thoroughly. He is respectful of others as they present diverse viewpoints and consider all sides of issues.

I strongly support Neunder for Sarasota County Commissioner. It has the total package:

Charles R. Newsom, Venice

The NRA works for the arms manufacturers

The National Rifle Association was founded after the Civil War as an organization to promote firearms education and training or, as the NRA puts it on its website, to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis”.

It seems to me that the NRA has become an organization that promotes the interests of gun manufacturers to promote the sales of their products.

Rifles referenced in the Constitution referred to single-shot rifles used during the Civil War. Does the average American need a repeating rifle? If yes, why?

Please post the names of all of our elected officials who have received campaign contributions from the NRA.

Jan Peterson, Venice

Jones’ claims were not based on facts

In response to a letter writer’s question as to why Rebekah Jones was not referenced in a recent article regarding COVID data, I think the answer is very simple (“COVID findings justify the whistleblower”, June 24).

In a May 31 Herald-Tribune article titled “Probe finds no manipulation,” USA Today Network-Florida reporters Sergio Bustos and John Kennedy accurately reported that state investigators found no wrongdoing. in connection with Jones’ allegations.

No way.

All of the specific charges were either “unsubstantiated” or “unsubstantiated”.

I commend the Herald-Tribune for wisely choosing not to applaud the less-than-truthful allegations made by Jones. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own facts.

Given his ongoing legal troubles, I wish Jones well. I believe his time spent playing trivial pursuit is over.

Bill Bittay, Venice

Aurora J. William