Rome Liquor Control Board Approves New Casting License

The Alcohol Control Commission met this week to discuss a number of establishments applying for a pour license in the city of Rome.

Soni 2022 Inc., 611 Shorter Ave.
The request of Mr. Bipinchandra V. Soni, owner and operator of Soni 2022, Inc., 611
Shorter Avenue, was introduced. Mr. Soni requested that a new beer packaging license be
was delivered to him there.

Secretary Smith reported that this was the old location of a car audio jack, and there is
not been a liquor license issued on this site before. Mr. Soni and Mr. Patel were
present and explained that this establishment will be a convenience store that will be entirely
stocked and open from 6 a.m. to midnight. Monday to Saturday with Sunday
hours yet to be determined. They expect to operate this store with one manager and two
employees. Mr. Soni and Mr. Patel both have similar operating experience
establishments selling alcohol in northwest Georgia. ACC members asked
regarding their employee training system. Mr Patel said there will be a cash register
system that requires identification to be scanned before a sale of alcohol can be made. It is also
aware of Rome’s camera ordinance regarding convenience stores. Mr Patel said that
the store will not initially open with coin-operated amusement machines (COAM) but
may add them in the future.

Mr. Kendrick offered to approve the license application subject to final inspection and
approval from all required municipal officials. Mr. Morgan seconded, and the vote was
unanimously in favour.

El Desmadre LLC, 1600 Shorter Ave, Suite G
The request of Mr. Eriberto Vargas, owner and operator of El Desmadre LLC, 1600
Shorter Avenue, Suite G, was featured. Mr. Vargas requested that a new beer and wine
A casting permit will be issued to him at this location.

Secretary Smith said this site was the former location of Arabian Nights. Arab
Nights operated at this location as recently as 2021.

Aurora J. William