Raton City Commission Approves Final Budget – KRTN Enchanted Air Radio

By Marty Mayfield

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Raton City Commissioners met Tuesday night at City Hall and approved the city’s final budget for fiscal year 2023 and approved event forms and the demolition of a structure at 568 North First Street in North Raton.

RPS has requested that its solar project be added to the CIPI for this year. The CIPI is a document used to help the city obtain state and federal funding. The city is also seeking public comments on the document which will be approved at an upcoming meeting.

Commissioners approved the event for Raton High Homecoming Parade to be held September 23, 2022. They also approved the Tenant’s Tax Board recommendation of $490 to the Center for Community Innovation for printing costs, etc. . and administrative training for the Explore Raton Hospitality Training Card to help train local businesses on activities and sites visitors can visit in and around Raton.

Mosark LLC won the tender for the demolition of 568 North First Street for a low bid of $28,900 plus GRT. Farmers and ranchers offered $50,000 in welding while KC&MC Services offered $68,900.

Commissioners approved the Memorandum of Understanding with the Continuum Advisory Council, as required by JJAC’s agreement with the City.

Commissioners approved the resolution directing NMDOT to prioritize the development of the I-27. The route is part of the Ports to Plains Corridor and the first stage of the project will extend I-27 from Lubbock south to the Mexican border at Laredo and from Amarillo to across the Texas Panhandle to in New Mexico. The report’s findings indicate that there could be up to 10,770 construction-related jobs as well as 20,034 indirect jobs created by 2040 with the expansion of the highway.

It’s time to spray the mosquitoes and the City of Raton will once again join Colfax County in paying for vector control services. It should be noted that if you are a beekeeper or have problems with the chemical used, you must contact the city or county to declare your property prohibited from spraying.

RPS will have three vehicles, a 1992 pickup truck, a bucket truck and an excavator truck. The commissioners approved this action.

City Treasurer Michael Anne Antonucci noted that it was time for the final budget adjustment for fiscal year 2022 to ensure all items were balanced and grant funds had been taken care of. Year-end financial reports for the city, Raton Water Works and Raton Public Service were also presented and approved. Antonucci noted that due to online sales and construction projects, the GRT was well over budget and that a payment from the Water Board leaves the city in better financial shape than expected for the year. Antonucci noted that the city had planned for an increase in GRT, but was cautious, not knowing how online sales would go. The commissioners also approved the final budgets of the three entities. (Link to final fiscal year 2022 budget adjustment)

Jason Phillips replaced City Manager Scott Berry and noted that construction projects should be completed within the next two weeks, then he thanked several of his department heads and teams for the extra work they had done with the rains. recent and taking charge of the city. aging drainage system.

Notice is also being given for a possible quorum at the Raton Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan Implementation Workshop to be held at the Raton Convention Center on August 1, 2022, from 5:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Coors building or public private partnership to help revitalize downtown.

The commissioners will meet again on August 9, 2022 for their first regular meeting in August.

Approved for demolition! 568 North 1st Street will be demolished as soon as the commission accepts the offer to demolish the building which was deemed unsafe after the front facade began to fall off the building.

Aurora J. William