Public Spaces and Facilities Report Assessment and Action Commission established by the Howard Ball County Executive

The Commission is responsible for:

  • Consult the report of the Public Spaces Commission, published on November 5, 2021;
  • Complete and implement a strategic plan to obtain community feedback on Report;
  • Create a plan to review names, locations obtained from the community feedback;
  • Examine public spaces that have not been examined by the previous Commission;
  • Make recommendations based on the rubric created by the previous Commission and evaluate and propose changes to the rubric, as needed; and
  • Make recommendations based on community feedback.

The Commission will present its findings and recommendations to the County Executive by October 15, 2023. Marlena Jars and Wayne Davis will serve as co-chairs, and the following community members have been appointed to the Commission:

  • Claudia Allen
  • Ani Begay Auld
  • Zunaira Awan
  • Dr. Denise Boston
  • Towanda Brown
  • Fred Campbell
  • Debbie Costley
  • Wayne Davis
  • Kim egg-born
  • Margaret Goodlin
  • Marlene Jars
  • Allie Jessing
  • John Lewis
  • Diana Li
  • Kelly Paliche
  • Falgun Patel
  • Dhaval Shah
  • Zana Watson
  • John MiltonWesley

“As we review the names on our public spaces and ensure they are aligned with our community values ​​of inclusion and diversity, we look forward to the opportunity to engage with the community to ensure that all voices that want to be heard about who we are today are,” said co-chair Marlena Jars.

“This is an essential initiative that will not only document accurate, shared and local history for our generations and future generations, but also give the community the opportunity to contribute to the history it carries” , said Co-Chair Wayne Davis.

Aurora J. William