Police warn of employment scam involving commission to boost sales

Hong Kong police said on Friday they had received 45 reports of “sales boosting” scams in the past week – a type of employment fraud involving fraudsters sending fake job offers such as SMS “order handlers” offering financial rewards and employment for e-shopping to the unemployed.

A spokesperson for the force said half of the victims had received the fraudsters’ random messages via WhatsApp, misleading them into believing they had been hunted by recruitment agencies.

“Victims were instructed to purchase products from fake online merchants to increase sales and were instructed to transfer the deposit to a designated bank account to earn commission,” the spokesperson said, adding that the scammers would be out of touch after ripping off the money. .

The spokesperson noted that any attempt to earn commissions by increasing movie ticket sales or improving restaurant ratings is an employment scam.

The force pointed out that most victims did not realize that there was “no deal too good to be true” and that some were often scammed by being overconfident.

Meanwhile, the force said there were still 33 fake websites online over the past week running these scams, with eight more websites. The eight include “Alibaba-U”, “Boss academe”, “HK Vonage”, “In-amber creative”, “Lek”, “sendinblue”, “Shopback”, and “Voyou”.

Visit the Force’s Cybersecurity website to learn more.

Aurora J. William