Planning Commission Rejects Oxnard Holistics

Photo courtesy of the Town of Oxnard

Oxnard– The Planning Commission on Thursday, January 13, denied a commercial cannabis retail special use license for TD Enterprise, known as Oxnard Holistics at 1015 Harbor Boulevard.

The vote was 3 to 3, with one abstention, and the item was not passed by a majority. TD Enterprise has 18 days to appeal the refusal to Oxnard City Council.

The article sparked heated reactions, as the commission reported that 65 people registered to speak about the motion.

Department of Community Development associate planner Jose Coyotl presented the item to the commission, and he said the application was to operate a 1,740-square-foot commercial suite of a 17-story multi-tenant commercial building. 615 square feet on 2.39 acres.

“As part of the project, there will be tenant improvements consisting of the installation of partitions, security improvements to the existing building, minor plumbing improvements, improvements to the existing fire alarm system and the installation secure doors and windows,” he said. noted. “Cannabis retail operations will be conducted between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily. This application was filed by Christy Byers.

The general plan land use designation for the project is the VSC Visitor Service Center, and the zoning designation is the Coastal Neighborhood Commercial CNC.

“To the north, there are residences,” he said. “There is a general plan that makes use of the existing residential (REX) and an RB-1 single family beach zoning designation. The current land use on the site consists of single family homes. At the site, we have the designation of Residential Existing (REX).

He said the existing land uses are multi-family homes and vacant land.

“To the east, we retain the existing general residential plan, and the zoning designation is Low Density Coastal Multi-Family (r-2-c),” he said. “There is also the r-3-c; the existing configuration of land uses and multi-family homes to the west.

He said Oxnard Holistics would be located in an existing mall with proper landscaping. The site was developed in the mid-1960s.

“On January 7, 2021, TD Enterprises LLC doing business as Oxnard Holistics filed an application for a commercial cannabis license for a 1,740 square foot cannabis facility,” it said. . “Then, on March 1, 2021, TD Enterprises LLC doing business as Oxnard Holistics, obtained a conditional cannabis business license for the retail sale of cannabis. In order to successfully start and inaugurate the Cannabis Commercial License, TD Enterprises LLC doing business as Oxnard Holistics must receive Special Use License approval in Oxnard City code 11-457 .

Oxnard Holistics would be located on the northwest corner of Wooley Road and Harbor Service Boulevard, adjacent to Harbor Boulevard, a major thoroughfare. The existing landscaping configuration will be retained and the parking lot configuration will be retained for the most part.

“The only things that change are that some of the stalls will continue and be converted to mandatory motorcycle parking along the entrance and in the middle of the Harbor Service Boulevard driving apron,” Coyotl said. “Other site improvements that can be seen are a new travel lane that will be installed along Wooley Road to provide accessibility to the mall. All other components will remain on site, and no exterior modifications are currently offered.

He said parking is allocated at 1/250, the standard for most neighborhood and shopping malls in the town of Oxnard.

“The applicant has provided a detailed security plan with a detailed floor plan which has been reviewed and further approved by the police department,” he said. “Security measures include private security required on the property. Security cameras will be installed; adequate lighting will be provided on site. Cannabis products will be monitored, tracked and placed in secure storage. »

The project is located in the community of Oxnard Shores, and on November 4, 2021, the site was released with project details and community workshop information.

“The developer mailed 3,330 meeting agenda notices to residents of the Oxnard Shores and Oxnard neighborhoods,” he said. “On November 15, 2021, the project was presented to the public at a community workshop meeting. The meeting was attended by approximately 28 members of the public, and people had the opportunity to ask questions.

He said city staff received 12 comments during the community workshop, and 11 of the comments highlighted an increase in crime and safety issues in the mall and possible problems for nearby residents.

“The cannabis process did not drive enough of an audience with the residents of Oxnard Shores and Dunes until the project was submitted for an SUP,” he said. “The retail sale of cannabis does not provide any benefit to neighborhood residents. There is a concentration of adult uses in the existing mall, which includes the sale of alcohol. The project should be reviewed for CEQA compliance, based on the retail and delivery component of retail uses of cannabis.

He said another comment was that the retail sale of cannabis is not an appropriate use of the mall and coastal residential area, and that the city should reassess putting a minimum distance of 600 feet from properties. residential.

“Common outline support for the project, based on the candidate meeting all city requirements, is likely a positive business and possibly a reduction in crime in the immediate mall,” he said. . “Following the community workshop, staff received five more comment letters from the general public opposing this project.”

TD Enterprises Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tony Hall made a presentation to the commission and said his first store opened in late 2015.

“We were one of the first licensed medical cannabis stores to open in San Diego,” he said. “After seven years of successfully operating cannabis retail stores, we have had zero incidents. We are very proud of the positive relationships we have with local governments, state regulators and law enforcement. order at all our locations We have over six years of compliant banking which means there is little cash on our premises Currently 40% of our payments are non-cash We have consistently established and maintained strong relationships with neighbors, local businesses, and community organizations.We are founding members of the United Medical Marijuana Coalition, a San Diego professional organization of legally licensed cannabis organizations.

He said TD Enterprises is slowly growing across California, which allows the company to create a consistent culture of excellence in its stores.

“We select locations that are in communities that we have a connection to and that our recreation and healthy lifestyle focus on,” he said. “We established Torrey Holistics in the Torrey Pines area of ​​San Diego in 2014, opened our doors in 2015, and became the first-ever recreational licensee statewide in California in 2018.”

He noted that there was a lot of fear around cannabis when the city of San Diego was going through its approval process for cannabis retail stores.

“The Torrey Pines neighborhood was no exception,” he said. “We received a lot of opposition throughout the licensing process, and through our professionalism, knowledgeable customer service, education programs, and support from community organizations and nonprofits, we won over many skeptics and have become an integral part of our neighborhood. ”

He said they had transparent and positive relationships with law enforcement in each location.

“This business is especially important and meaningful to me because I was born and raised in Ventura County,” Hall said. “I have fond memories of visiting Oxnard’s beaches in my youth. As CEO, I will ensure that Oxnard Holistics is aligned with Oxnard’s economic development strategy, developing and improving the climate of business of the city, promotes the fiscal health of the city, and supports economic growth in a manner consistent with the unique character of the city.

He said his team has over 26 years of experience in the legal cannabis industry.

Marketing and community relations director Ruthie Edelson said the company has a long history of giving back to its other locations.

“We understand that supporting the neighborhoods we are in through monetary donations, volunteer work, sponsorships, food and toy drives results in better places to live and work,” he said. -he declares. “To date, we have donated $7,500 in PPE and pandemic supplies to the following local Oxnard charities. We are partnered with the Oxnard Police Activities League, California State PAL, Oxnard Firefighters Foundation, LULACoxnard Council and Gabriel’s House. We recently participated with the community in the cleanup of Ormond Beach, where we picked up 1,200 pounds of trash. We are members of the West Ventura County Business Alliance. We plan to sponsor the local Strawberry, Salsa and Jazz Festivals in Oxnard.

This story will continue on January 28.

Aurora J. William