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STEUBENVILLE — The planning commission sent a positive recommendation to council Monday to rezone five lots on Sunset Boulevard to make way for a new car wash.

Current owners Joseph and Nickolas Bressler want 2225, 2227, 2229, 2231 and 2235 Sunset Blvd. reclassified from a local shopping district (B5) to a local shopping district (B2).

The proposed buyers, a partnership that includes Andrew Crum of Plain City, Ohio, Frank Dornian of Marion, Ohio, and two others, hope to build a Wash-Rite Express in Steubenville.

Currently, the partnership has Wash-Rite locations in Parkersburg and Mariett and “expects to grow well beyond that in the next 12 to 18 months.” Crum said it will feature state-of-the-art equipment and 10-15 well-dressed employees who wear uniforms and earn monthly bonuses.

“We are thrilled to come to Steubenville,” he said. “It would be a multi-million dollar investment, bringing 10 to 15 employees into the community.

First Ward Councilor Asantewa Anyabwile pointed out “there are already four washing stations” at sunset.

Crum said it should be a multi-million dollar investment, “probably north of $3 million.”

“What is your expected return on investment? When do you intend to break even, how many years do you see? » asked 2nd Ward Councilman Tracy McManamon.

“It is a kind of private information, but we are looking for a return on investment that meets our expectations”, crum replied “Break-even is something I’m not comfortable sharing.”

McManamon said he was “A little worried” about what might happen if their investment doesn’t materialize as quickly as they had hoped.

“We’ve seen developers come and go because things aren’t happening as fast as they want them to.” he said. “So now we’re talking about rezoning a lot of the main part of our city, and if that doesn’t happen, then what? We end up with a gigantic hole.

“Coming to fruition after being approved, after we opened, and after spending $3 million?” crum replied

“Exactly, yeah” McManamon said.

“I’ll tell you this. After doing this for 57 years in business and developing over 80 car washes, we only have one that hasn’t made any money,” Crum said.

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Aurora J. William