Planning Commission greenlights dog hotel and BevMo 24/7 delivery – Santa Monica Daily Press

At their last meeting of the year, the planning commissioners approved a permit for the Wag Hotels chain to open a kennel in Santa Monica and gave Wilshire Blvd. BevMo! authorization to extend the online ordering and delivery service to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for non-alcoholic products and until 2 a.m. for alcoholic products.

The kennel will be located in two adjacent buildings at 1634 and 1653 19th Street. The complex will accommodate 146 private dog rooms and eight private cat rooms, while the surface parking between the buildings will be converted into five individually fenced outdoor play areas surrounded by noise barriers.

The hotel will have a maximum overnight capacity of 190 people and an expected average daycare occupancy of 75 dogs.

The Commissioners’ biggest concern with the proposed venture was the potential noise nuisance that barking dogs could cause to nearby tenants. The kennel is in an industrial zoned arena, so it has more lenient decibel restrictions than residential zones, but the commissioners wanted to make sure the business would be a good neighbor.

After a public hearing on the proposed dog hotel permit at the December 1 Planning Commission meeting, the commissioners requested that a noise study be conducted before taking the final vote on the project at the of the December 15 meeting.

In light of the noise study, staff amended the permit to require Wag Hotels to take several mitigation measures to isolate indoor and outdoor spaces. These include acoustically treating rooms, installing double-glazed window systems, ensuring frames are airtight and installing rubber seals on doors. Wag Hotels will also install acoustic noise barriers at the open ends of the courtyard containing the play areas.

Some business owners still have concerns. Glenn Martin, the director of Nomad Editing Company, expressed concern about how the kennel could disrupt work being done on sound stages near his business.

“We record the sound on the other side of this wall for commercials and movies and if there’s the slightest dog bark we can’t do our job and we’ve been doing it here for 25 years,” said Martin. “So I’m a bit concerned that the attenuation sounds good in practice, but may not work as it’s designed.”

The commissioners were sympathetic to Martin’s feelings, but agreed that these potential fears were not enough to prevent the project from moving forward given the findings of the noise study.

“I would like to incentivize both the applicant and the neighbors to find a solution, but what I don’t want to do is hold a new business hostage to a previous business in a given industrial area,” said Commissioner Shawn Landres.

To strengthen accountability, Landres suggested adding a condition to the permit approval requiring that after one year, Wag Hotels must provide a report to the Planning Commission demonstrating compliance with all the conditions of its permit, including including noise attenuation, in order to retain it.

Commissioner Nina Fresco added a request for Wag Hotels to provide a phone number where they can be reached 24 hours a day if neighbors have a complaint. This was added to conditional approval, which was passed unanimously by the Commission.

The modification of the existing BevMo! to add additional hours of service was passed with little discussion from the Commissioners.

BevMo! is located at 1312 Wilshire Blvd. and was only allowed to process online/app orders during its normal business hours of 9am to 9pm (or 10pm during holidays). The company asked to be able to expand its operations from the building so that online orders and deliveries could be fulfilled after normal business hours.

In accordance with its recently approved license amendment, the store will process online/app orders 24/7 for non-alcoholic products and between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. for alcoholic products.

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Aurora J. William