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NEW CUMBERLAND — Plans to replace the county parks property pavilion on Gas Valley Road may be temporarily put on hold following discussions at the Hancock County Commission meeting on Thursday.

Commissioner Jeff Davis initially moved a motion to accept the seemingly lowest bidder for the project on Thursday, noting that $25,000 came from the Pugliese Charitable Foundation; however, commissioner Eron Chek indicated that she believed neither of the two bids submitted was qualified.

“It does not indicate a time limit”, she said, explaining that she was also under the impression that the Pugliese funds should be used by the end of October.

Davis reported that his communications with one of the bidders indicated that it could take 10 weeks for materials to be delivered, while Commission Chairman Paul Cowey said the other bidder could take up to 10 weeks. to six months for the materials to be manufactured and on site.

“It would be difficult to do that by the end of October,” Davis said.

Initial plans called for the replacement of the pavilion, with the two contractors including the demolition of the existing structure and concrete slab, then the installation of a new slab and pavilion, as well as the electrical wiring of the structure.

Chek explained that the initial offer, however, called for a “revitalization” of the pavilion.

“It doesn’t say replacement,” she says.

The commission agreed that it would need clarification on when the grant funds will be used before moving forward, with Chek also asking for details on the source of the remaining funds to complete the project.

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Aurora J. William