Ormond Commission Approves Rules of Public Art | Culture & Leisure

Dolphins jump happily from a fountain at City Hall in a public art display, something Ormond Beach wants to encourage.

With a dissenting vote from Commissioner Rob Littleton, the City Commission approved the rules governing art in public spaces.

The city ordinance aims to mark and enhance public spaces, such as the Granada Bridge, as unifying places. Lighting, color and art could define walking and biking areas.

“I’m afraid we’re opening a Pandora’s box,” Commissioner Littleton said in an interview after the meeting, explaining his “no” vote. “Because there are so many First Amendment issues with the public art exhibit, I don’t want anything more divisive.”

On another topic, the city commission voted 5-0 to grant Ormond Garage, 48 W. Granada Blvd., a special exception to city rules to allow outdoor music.

Restrictions come with approval. The band’s stage should face the restaurant of the renovated historic car garage, so that the sound travels towards the building and Avenue Corbin in the back. No more than three performers may be on stage at any time and no outdoor karaoke will be permitted.

Music volume will be monitored and hours limited for entertainment. Breaking the rules would be expensive.

“If you breach twice in a calendar year, you lose the ability to make a special exception forever,” said planning director Steven Spraker.

Stewards changed the hours allowed, which would have originally been allowed to start at 2 p.m.

“I just have one question that jumps out at me, being a lifelong educator, it’s so close to Ormond Elementary (School),” Commissioner Troy Kent said. Young people work until 2:30 now, he said.

The commissioner agreed and forbade the music to start until the end of class.

Ormond Garage owner Kevin Wakefield agreed to the change.

“I have no problem changing that, especially on weekdays,” Mr Wakefield said. “The last thing I want to do is disrupt an elementary school.”

Music hours must end at 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

On another note, the Commission approved the construction of a three-story, 111,825 square foot, 600 unit mini-warehouse at 295 Interchange Blvd.

Aurora J. William