Letter: The current structure of the Fargo City Commission benefits all residents – InForum

In early September, it was reported that any chance of changing Fargo’s style of government from a city commission to a city council was eliminated. Just as I was grateful to read this good news, I was disappointed to find that the problem was not over. Commissioner John Strand wants us to debate this, so I’m going to throw my opinion into the arena.

Are we the people of Fargo forced to put up with this problem for months and a possible vote because Tony Gehring and Arlette Preston do not approve of our system of managing our town? To me, this is a waste of our tax dollars paid to employees in our city for their time and energy in fixing a problem that does not exist.

If the neighborhood divides our city into five (or more) parts and one person is elected to represent only the residents of that region, then I am against it. Why? Our system now allows me to support an entrepreneurial entrepreneur who lives in the North region while I live in South Fargo. We elect those who we think will do the best job; no matter where they live in Fargo. Under the neighborhood system, skilled people with business acumen like Randy Thorson and Warren Ackley would not get my vote since we are in different parts of our city. For me, business is the engine that enables all cities to thrive and prosper with jobs for people.

The reason our city board works well is because it’s a system that meets the needs of our whole city versus part of the city. We voters now have the privilege of being able to elect one or two people who we think can best run Fargo; do not only represent a local agenda or a fetish project to enrich a region of our city.

Change is only good if it is improvement. Change is good if it provides a better way of doing business in our city. The ward system, in my opinion, will not improve what we have now, nor provide a better way to rule Fargo.

Crystal Dueker lives in Fargo.

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Aurora J. William