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Channel 12 poll: Camps split 60-60 if Yamina backs Netanyahu

A new poll released by Channel 12 news shows the political system is set to remain in limbo after the election, with no party having a clear path to form a government.

The poll saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party win 28 seats; Yesh Atid 19 by Yair Lapid; Yamina 13 by Naftali Bennett; New Hope 11 by Gideon Sa’ar; Common List 9; Shas 8; Israel Beytenu 7; United Torah Judaism 7; and Labor 6.

Blue and White, Meretz and Religious Zionism all sit just above the electoral threshold with 4 seats each.

Meanwhile, the Arab separatist party Ra’am sits just below the 3.25% threshold with 3.1%.

The anti-Netanyahu bloc has 60 seats, according to the survey. Netanyahu’s religious bloc has 47, with Yamina potentially raising it to 60.

Naftali Bennett announces his candidacy for Prime Minister, December 23, 2020. (Uri Cohen)

When asked who they preferred as prime minister, 35% said Netanyahu, 20% said Lapid, 12% said Sa’ar and 10% said Bennett.

Ra’am has indicated that he could support a Netanyahu-led coalition if it enters the Knesset. But when asked about the issue, right-wing voters opposed a Ra’am-backed government 55% to 28%.

On the center-left, 49% supported a coalition including the Joint List, while 43% opposed it.

When also asked if they agreed with the prime minister’s assessment earlier this week that the COVID-19 pandemic is behind Israel, 71% said no while 24% said yes.

The survey was conducted by the Midgam Institute.

Aurora J. William