How Much Do Selling Sunset Agents Make? How the commission works

Selling Sunset doesn’t have to long to return with its highly anticipated fourth season, reuniting viewers with the glamorous realtors of the Oppenheim Group.

We’ve known the cast of Selling Sunset pretty well over the past couple of years, having seen workplace rivalries develop and romantic relationships flourish – but what about their paychecks?

The Netflix reality series sees brokers flogging multi-million dollar properties across Los Angeles and pocketing a soft commission in the process, and over the past three seasons we’ve seen them sell super fancy homes to some of the buyers. the richest in America.

Read on for everything we know about Selling Sunset’s agent salaries ahead of season four, or check out our four-star review.

How Much Do Selling Sunset Agents Make?

Sales on Selling Sunset are worth varying amounts depending on the price.

Realtors don’t actually get a salary from the Oppenheim Group, but they earn their money purely from the commission, which means they only get a payslip if they actually sell a house.

The percentage of commission agents receive varies from property to property, but given the types of mansions they sell, it’s almost always a six-figure rate.

The commission is calculated by subtracting a certain percentage (usually three to six percent) from the cost of the house they are selling.

For example, Mary Fitzgerald recently sold a property valued at $ 8,000,000 and received a commission of $ 240,000, or three percent of the cost of the ad.

Selling Sunset Agents Davina, Christine Quinn and Heather Rae Young

Talk to of how they make their money, mary said, “i think the hardest thing in real estate is to just work for a commission.”

She added, “Sometimes spending months with a client and then they change their mind.

“The best part can also be when a customer finds something they like immediately and I make a huge commission with very little effort. “

What are the most expensive homes featured on Selling Sunset?

Homes featured in the Netflix series vary, with smaller apartments and houses ranging from $ 4 million to $ 8 million.

On the other end of the scale, however, there are multi-million dollar luxury mansions that sell for over $ 25 million. Here are two of the most expensive places shown in the series so far:

$ 75 million

Sunset sale

Jason told Davina the $ 75million house was too expensive

Site: North Beverley Hills Drive, LA.

The magnificent nine bedroom, 12 bathroom property spans over 15,000 square feet.

In season two, Davina gave a client a tour of the luxury home, despite Jason and Brett’s concerns that it was too expensive.

“I know selling this house at this price is really tough, but I’m up for the challenge,” she said. “I can’t imagine the idea of ​​Jason telling me, ‘I told you! “”

Good luck Davina!

$ 40 million

Sunset sale

The $ 40 Million House Featured in Season One

Site: Hillside Avenue, Hollywood Hills,

In the first episode, fans got a glimpse of the interior of the breathtaking home, worth over $ 40 million, which includes 20,000 square feet of space.

The house has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a garage that can accommodate not one, but 15 cars. There are also four hot tubs, an infinity pool, and a huge rooftop terrace.

Fans marveled at the indoor theater, spa, wine cellar, and many other perks in the luxury pad.

The deal was a hot topic for agents, as whoever sold the property would receive a commission worth $ 1.2million (£ 979,000).

According to the Los Angeles Times, the house sold in December 2019 and reached a final deal for $ 35.5million (£ 29million) – the most expensive sale since 2012.

Many believe that Davina was the seller of this house, after she was said to have been Selling Sunset’s most successful agent.

Sell ​​Sunset Seasons 1-3 are now streaming on Netflix. Season 4 will launch on Wednesday, November 24. Check out our lists of the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or check out what else with our TV guide.

Aurora J. William