Horton Commission Approves Sunday Liquor Sales | New

The Horton City Commission met for the first time in April, approving an ordinance allowing the sale of liquor on Sundays. The ordinance has been discussed at recent meetings, with a first reading having been presented at the previous meeting. Order number 1204 will be published once a week for two weeks, then take effect 61 days after final publication.

The commission heard from Police Chief Jon Boller, who shared that environmental code enforcement citations have been issued and that he hopes to have five dangerous structures in violation of the code demolished by the end of the year.

The group has approved a request for payment from AHRS Construction for Phase III of the sewer project in the amount of $120,287.10. A proposed change order was also submitted by AHRS requesting an additional 40 working days for substantial and final completion of the project due to material and equipment delays. The change order is not accompanied by a change in cost to the City.

Discussions on liability issues, water use, as well as the acquisition of municipal properties have been postponed to a later date when the city attorney could be present. There was a discussion about the use of time by municipal workers who are members of the fire department.

The ballpark project was also discussed, with bids set for two weeks. There were also questions about the lighting, and city administrator John Calhoon said the plan was to have lights on two lots, but the cost was not within the specifications of the building. ‘current offer.

After several executive sessions, the commission voted to give the city administrator a 6% raise, including the budgeted 3% raise, plus an additional 3% from ARPA funds.

The group also voted to approve $37,312.06 in salary credits and $49,332.09 in disbursements.

Aurora J. William