Horton City Commission hears updated timeline on ball diamond project | News

At the Horton City Commission’s first February meeting, City Administrator John Calhoon updated the group on important upcoming dates for the construction of the city’s new baseball field.

Tenders were scheduled to be submitted at Horton Town Hall on Feb. 18, while bid pricing will take place at the City Commission meeting on the 22nd. Calhoon said he was optimistic that more bids competitors would come on this attempt, because there was more interest in the project.

The group returned to an earlier discussion about the chain of command and access to cameras at City Hall. It has been agreed that the chief of police will answer to the municipal commission rather than the municipal administrator, and the chief will oversee police officers and communications officers, including discipline, hiring and firing, while municipal administrators will supervise all non-elected municipal employees. , except the city attorney, chief of police, police officers, city treasurer and city judge. Due to current city security software limitations, security cameras will be visible to the Chief of Police, City Administrator, and City Clerk, for security purposes only.

* Police Chief Boller updated the commission on dispatch call data, as well as traffic stop numbers and dog tag sales numbers. Boller also said enforcement of the code will intensify as good weather arrives.

* City Lake Caretaker Michael Cline told the commission that renovations are underway in the shower, while 40 picnic tables have been painted and repaired around the lake and 14 flower pots have been repainted at Hickory Point.

* The commission voted to approve a waste service contract with Hamilton Recycling & Disposal with a provision that all residential customers use a city-owned bin with a rental fee of $1.00 per month.

* The group also voted to approve a payment of $65,690.65 for the Phase III sewer project, as well as a request to write off bad debts.

* The group agreed to provide public liability insurance for the city airport. A request was also approved to revamp city fees, including a $50 increase in water and sewer take-out fees and demolition permits, as well as a $3 fee for notary services. and a $5 increase for golf cart permits.

* The commission also voted to approve a request for payment assistance for the Mission Lake Fireworks Show, agreeing to donate $500.

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