Harris County Election Commission accepts Longoria’s resignation

The electoral administrator had announced her intention to step down last month after the March 1 primary.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — The Harris County Election Commission on April 19 voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria, effective July 1.

The bipartisan commission also unanimously adopted all the points related to the hiring of Longoria’s replacement.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said the county will release that job description today. She hopes to have the new election administrator here by the end of June.

Longoria announced his intention to step down last month after the March 1 primary. The vote took place at a meeting on Tuesday morning.

Motions by Republican Harris County Chairwoman Cindy Siegel to have Longoria’s resignation effective immediately or June 1 failed.

Longoria had tendered his verbal resignation following issues and complaints over the 2022 primary election.

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“Today I tender my resignation, effective July 1,” Longoria said after the primaries. “I think this date ensures that there will be a president in the May and June elections and gives the electoral commission the time it needs to find a replacement. I remain committed to the office and its mission and I hopes to help defeat harmful rhetoric to ensure successful elections in the future.”

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Watch the full announcement here.

Longoria’s resignation after election officials revealed the weekend after the primaries that about 10,000 mail-in ballots had not been entered in the election night tally.

The primary also experienced longer than usual count times, personnel issues and equipment problems.

“The responsibility is on me to resolve voter issues and I failed to live up to my own standard or the standard set by the commissioners,” Longoria said.

Ahead of Longoria’s appearance, Judge Lina Hidalgo addressed the election last week, saying she had spoken with Longoria and expressed a desire for a “change of direction.”

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According to journalist Adam Bennett, who oversees the commissioners’ court, Hidalgo said three things needed to happen.

  • Protect continuity with three upcoming elections (May 7 Special, May 24 Runoff, November 8 General)
  • Working with election commission to find new leaders after ‘extensive research’
  • Identify problems early on and find solutions

Harris County commissioners are seeking answers to what went wrong in the Texas primary election.

The Harris County GOP has been calling for Longoria’s resignation since the primary election.

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