Government allocates 65 billion rupees to Higher Education Commission: Miftah Ismail

Miftah Ismail said that despite financial constraints, the government has allocated Rs 65 billion to the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – June 10, 2022): Miftah Ismail said that despite financial constraints, the government has allocated 65 billion rupees to the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

He announced that he would provide about 100,000 laptops to students across the country in easy installments. Funds have been allocated to provide state-of-the-art equipment to improve engineering and technology education, he added.

Commenting on the strategy to tackle climate change issues, he said a huge amount of Rs 38 billion will be used to address climate change, food security and information technology needs ( IT).

He said the government plans to spend Rs 100 billion on construction of multi-purpose dams including Diamer-Bhasha, Mohmand, Dasu and Nai Gaj dams and command area projects.

Miftah said the energy and water resources projects are interlinked and an allocation of Rs 183 billion has been made in the budget.

He said the government is committed to improving the health care delivery system and has earmarked an amount of Rs 24 billion for this purpose which would also enjoy full tax exemption for charity hospitals.

The Minister announced the creation of the National Youth Commission (CNJ) to empower young people through their socio-economic development. Several new youth programs will be launched this year to enhance their participation in the country’s development, he added.

He said more than two million job opportunities would be created this year under the youth employment policy.

A program would be launched to provide interest-free loans amounting to Rs 500,000 to young people to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in the country.

Young people could also get soft loans of up to Rs 25 million under the scheme, he said, adding that a 25% quota was set for women.

The minister said that young women would be given priority in skills in high technology and other fields. Youth development centers will also be set up across the country, which will give them access to an integrated job portal, he added.

Bearing in mind the importance of energy for the development of the country, he said the government had earmarked Rs 73 billion for the power sector as it was committed to improving generation as a priority, transmission and distribution of electricity.

He said it was proposed to waive sales tax on importing solar panels and local sourcing, in addition easy loans would be given to consumers using less than 200 units for the purchase of solar panels, did he declare. This would not only help promote environmentally friendly energy in the country, but also reduce imports of expensive oil and gas.

Miftah said the government will soon announce a new gas tariff under which the supply of the product to the industrial sector will be ensured at competitive rates compared to other countries. This would help increase the country’s overall export volume, he added.

Aurora J. William