Email associated with state ethics commission hacked, letter says | Best Stories

ALBANY — At least one email address associated with the state ethics commission was recently hacked, according to a letter from the New York State Joint Public Ethics Commission.

The letter, dated May 27, says the agency “has identified a security incident in which the Joint Public Ethics Commission’s computer systems were breached.”

The letter informed recipients that a file containing their email address or username and password for the “JCOPE Financial Disclosure System (pre-2015) had not been accessed appropriately.”

This filing system was in place to retain annual financial statements prepared by state officials and employees until it was replaced in 2015.

All passwords were reset once the breach was acknowledged, the letter says. The letter urged recipients to change any identical passwords or usernames they might have on other websites or apps.

“We understand the importance of protecting your information and are taking steps to minimize the future likelihood of a security incident,” the letter states, “including ongoing system vulnerability testing, security logging, and preventive measures, ongoing monitoring of information technology systems and other appropriate safeguards.”

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Aurora J. William