Donny Cates wants people to commission art from artists who have lost their jobs



Donny Cates posted on Twitter the other day. “I can’t afford to help everyone, but since all of my titles are still in production, I would like to help some artists whose books have just been postponed. If you are one of those artists and you want to make an order for me. Drop me a DM or contact me and let’s see what we can do, okay? ” He also added, “And I’m just going to say it here too. Don’t call anyone, but if you’re a business colleague who can afford to do it: you should do it. Even a small commission of $ 50 to $ 100 can help. people right now. We need to help each other. “

Donny Cates seeks to commission Miracleman artwork from unemployed artists.

Donny Cates is particularly looking for people to draw it Miracleman / Marvelman imagery. He wrote “If you’re an artist and need some endings right now, I’ll collect MIRACLEMAN commissions if you have the time and want to do one. I would pay you for it. I’m just saying. tweet and you are interested, please provide a link to your art or portfolio and maybe the rates if you are comfortable posting them. Thank you. TLDR: I WILL GIVE YOU MONEY FOR THE DRAWINGS. “

One of Donny’s fans has risen to the challenge and is looking for artists to help him with his Venom collection. Ryan from The Venom Site posted “Saw what @Doncates was supporting the comic book community by commissioning artists for its Mr. Miracle art collection and I would like to do the same for my Venom art collection. If you are an interested artist, let me know. All retweets are appreciated. ”Mister Miracle indeed. But it was eye-catching. Cates even got a gift from Daniel Sampere.

I saw @Doncates be nice and help other artists by asking them for Miracleman commissions and wanted to be nice to him by giving this little gift.

– Daniel Sampere (@Sampere_art) April 5, 2020

Donny Cates also said that he “will probably start auctioning my original art and creating new products so that ALL of the money from both of them goes to comic book stores. Updates to come. In the meantime, I will gonna write Thor, Venom, Redneck, Babyteeth and other secret stuff for all of you. Be safe. I love you all. “I love you too Donny.

Donny Cates has news from Reactor

And for creator-owned projects, Donny is still working outside, finishing the final issues of Reactor from Vault Comics. That’s what he’s doing right now. Do not play Overcooked with his wife, he promises. He also gave us a glimpse of some works of art that Nic Klein is currently working for Thor.

Donny Cates and Nic Klein on the next Thor.
Donny Cates and Nic Klein on the next Thor.
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