Dewsbury Creative Town art commission set to ‘brighten up’ Rishworth Road underpass

Kirklees Council has commissioned new artwork – to be created on the walls of the Rishworth Road underpass – aiming to renew, provide functionality and provide passers-by with an uplifting environment as they traverse the tube.

The commission was designed by Dewsbury-based visual artist Saba Rifat. Saba was inspired by the historic and urban masonry, paving and stained glass windows of the city centre.

Saba also worked with design students from Kirklees College to form ideas and organized engagement events to get the general public involved.

Saba Rifat, visual artist based in Dewsbury.

The commission was titled “Tessella,” a feminine Latin word to describe square stone and glass tiles used in mosaics.

This “tiling” process will be used to create the surface patterns of the underpass walls.

Saba said: “This commission was a huge undertaking, but I’m excited to see the final design in situ later this month.

“The design process for this project was extremely methodical and time-consuming, as well as intuitive and fun, so it will be very rewarding to see the piece finished.”

Simulated design of the commissioned art installation in the Dewsbury Underpass.

The Saba-designed art installation is part of the Dewsbury Creative Town Arts Programme, funded by the council as part of its ambitious ten-year Dewsbury Blueprint project.

Kate Watson, Program Manager for Dewsbury Creative Town, said: “It’s great to finally announce the start of Tessella’s installation, and we hope the people of Dewsbury will enjoy seeing it take shape over the coming years. weeks.

“Saba’s commission promises to be dynamic and engaging, so we hope it will create conversations and an enjoyable environment for everyday users.”

To allow for the cleaning of the existing surface to make way for the facility, the underpass will be closed to the public between 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Monday October 17 and Tuesday October 18.

The work will be installed the week of October 24.

The installation itself will then take place the week beginning October 24, with the process expected to take a week.

Once completed, the installation will include 3,000 tiles, and will greatly improve the space for passers-by.

The tiles will be placed above existing artwork in the underpass, which was created by students from Kirklees College several years ago.

Councilor Eric Firth, Cabinet Member for Transport and Dewsbury Ward Councilor, said: “I am incredibly delighted to see this new art installation taking shape.

“As part of our Dewsbury Blueprint plans, we want to celebrate that Dewsbury is a creative town by celebrating local artists and inspiring new ones.

“This public art will bring an exciting and creative dimension to downtown.

“This work will be particularly meaningful to Dewsbury because it was commissioned from a talented, local artist and because it draws inspiration from the town’s history and heritage.

“All of our work through the Blueprint is to celebrate Dewsbury’s history while looking to the future.”

The Dewsbury Blueprint is a ten-year plan that aims to honor the town’s heritage and build on recent investments. The plan also aims to enliven the city centre, make it more attractive and improve accessibility.

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