Departmental Commission of Lyon mobilizes on prefabricated housing, neighborhoods and the master plan | Carson City Nevada News

The Lyon County Board of Commissioners met in Yerington on Thursday for the last regular meeting of 2021 to address several contentious issues.

County Clerk-Treasurer Nikki Bryan presented a proposed map of county commission districts. The proposed Commission districts were created due to published census figures and the adjustment of districts based on population.

The map shows significant growth in District 5 (Mason/Smith Valley) and District 3 (Dayton, Stagecoach and Silver Springs) in Silver Springs. District 1 (Dayton, Moundhouse, and Silver City) has experienced a reduction in landmass due to increased population. The boundaries of District 2 (Silver Springs and Fernley) and District 4 (Fernley) have also been adjusted to account for population increases. Commissioner Jacobson expressed concern that a decision should not be made until the public has had more time to review and comment on the map.

Fernley resident Cody Wagner said he fears Silver Springs could theoretically elect three commissioners, leaving decision-making to the less populated community in Lyon County. Current Commission Districts could allow 2 commissioners to be elected in Silver Springs or Fernley and there are currently two commissioners elected in Dayton. The County Commission approved the 4-1 map (Jacobson vote no.)

Lyon County announced on December 10, 2021 that the Board of Commissioners was considering an ordinance that would require manufactured homes to be placed on a permanent foundation, that a two-car garage be required and established a limit of one manufactured home older than six years are not allowed to bet in the county of Lyon.

Commissioner Keller moved the ordinance with the amendment that removed the two-car garage requirement. The Board has taken public comments on the item, but no action will be taken until January because state law requires two public hearings. If approved, the ordinance will only apply to new construction and does not require existing structures to be placed on a foundation.

The Board of Commissioners has finalized the 2020 Master Plan Update. The Board has approved the 2020 Master Plan Update. The Lyon department has been working on the update for 18 months, conducted numerous public workshops and hearings . The public can get information about the plan here.

Aurora J. William