Commission approves budget changes for FY22

Based on the strong first five months of fiscal 2022, the Shelby County Commission approved an amended budget for major long-term capital initiatives and staff actions.

We based this revenue cycle on fiscal year 2019 numbers,” County Executive Chad Scroggins said. “We took these changes and in the first five months [of FY22], and in sales tax alone, we are $2.5 million ahead of budget. We continue to expect a contribution of $1.7 million to the fund balance reserve at the end of the year. This allows us to end this year by doing a lot of things.

Arrangements will include

  • Partnership projects and grants for partnership with municipalities in Shelby County and Oak Mountain State Park to increase and improve recreation opportunities in the county.
  • Use of general fund revenue against original FY22 budget projections to repay an estimated $2.1 million promotion/accommodation tax loan and eliminate interest over $180,000.

Scroggins said when he took office two years ago, the loan was $6 million and fell to $2.4 million. “That would use general fund revenue that we’ve already had to pay off that loan,” he said. “It’s something important. It removes a big stressor for us and gives us the powder in the barrel to do a lot of great things. We have the cash in hand. It makes no sense to pay $180,000 in interest over the next few years.

  • Completion of tourism projects with revenues above initial projection in FY22
  • The addition of four full-time county employees, including an Estates Generalist in the Estates Office; an event coordinator for tourism and events; a discharge equipment operator and a government general manager for juvenile EMA and safety program management.

A review and updates to the Public Service Policy and Procedures were also approved by the Board. The original manual is from 1993 and includes some much needed changes.

“We developed 18 different changes that were made by different levels of management,” Scroggins said. “We basically listened to our employees to try to figure out how we can better manage our system.”

Items included:

  • Establishment of an employee safety committee
  • Extension of probationary period for employees increased from 6 months to 12 months
  • Workplace Violence Policy
  • Nepotism policy
  • Personal Appearance and Dress Code Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Addition of parents to the sick leave policy
  • Change of job title
  • Change of Job Title Report (Head of Juvenile Court and Probation Services will report to County Head)
  • Increase in the longevity bonus
  • Process changes for emails
  • Absence without leave
  • Annual and sick leave expressed in hours instead of days
  • Emergency OT and personal day off
  • The length of the eligibility list has been reduced from two years to one year
  • Merit reviews sync to a common date
  • Removal of position boards on physical exams and security sensitive jobs
  • Updated EAP

“A lot of work has gone into this. We went over that with the property tax commissioner, the sheriff, the probate judge to make sure everyone was on board,” County Executive Chad Scroggins said. “We encounter situations all the time and that helps us manage our very large staff. We have a meeting with your supervisors and managers to meet them and inform them of these new changes and I think they will be very happy. »

The panel also approved for ALDOT to shut down AL-25 in the Sterrett/Vandiver area for landslide repair. Traffic will be diverted onto CR-41 and CR-43 as a detour while repairs are completed. County Engineer Randy Cole said this will unfortunately result in some truck traffic, but the good news is that the project, which is due to start April 1, is only expected to last a month.

Other points approved during the meeting:

  • Purchase of a stand-alone metal gazebo for $3,335 for Columbiana and Pelham locations
  • Shelby County Jail and Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center Electronic System Security and Maintenance Services to Unique Security for $44,150

Aurora J. William