Cole County Commission Approves Carnegie Building Improvements

Improvements to the building that houses the Cole County Assessor and Public Defender’s offices have been approved Tuesday by Cole County Commission.

The commissioners awarded the contract to the lowest bidder, Don Schnieders Excavating Company Inc., with a bid of $436,107 to perform work around the Carnegie Building on Adams Street. This price is below the engineer’s estimate of $472,645.

Work includes grading, as well as improving retaining walls, concrete steps, sidewalks, paving and storm water drainage. There will also be seeding and mulching and other miscellaneous work.

It was unclear when the project would begin, however, public works officials said the contract called for work to be completed by May 31.

The contract signing comes nearly a year after the commission severed an improvement contract for Carnegie with former Western District Commissioner Kris Scheperle due to questions raised over sales tax matters involving the Scheperle company, All Seasons Landscaping and Construction. The commission delayed the vote to accept the contract because of this and Scheperle informed the commission that they had reached a point where he might not have been able to complete the project on time and within the limits. from the budget.

All Seasons had the lowest bid of $101,064. The project included replacing the steps and improving the facade of the building under the Americans with Disability Act.

However, public works staff later determined that further improvements needed to be made, such as concrete work and drainage improvements around the structure. Adding curbs and gutters should also be done as well as ADA improvements. All this work has been added to the project which was approved by the commission on Tuesday.

Aurora J. William