Castine Announces Record Growth in its Commission Management and Compensation Solutions for Brokers

RIDGEWOOD, NJ–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Castine integrated more of its C3 brokerage solutions platform in Q1 2022 than in any previous quarter. This growth is based on the critical need for businesses to optimize their financial and technical performance, the increased need for financial services businesses to move to the cloud, and the need for businesses to upgrade and move away from legacy solutions. .

Castine’s C3 platform provides a secure portal for brokers to manage their complex retail and institutional sales performance and compensation programs, CSA/commission management offerings, securities lending, billing, compliance, profitability , outsourced trading and aggregation services in one place. Implementations are simplified for brokers as the system can integrate transactions for any service or asset class, expenses, hedging information, etc. and use it for a multitude of different purposes without needing to recharge it.

100% of Castine’s systems are cloud-based and use services such as Amazon’s AWS, Google’s GCP, Microsoft Azure and others. “This flexibility is a feature of our approach to working with clients; if they already have solutions running on a particular vendor, we can leverage that investment,” said Robin Hodgkins, president of Castine.

Brokers opt for Castine’s platform because they can select only the modules they need. Many brokers started with a single module, for example, the CSA/Commission Management (“Commander”) module and then realized that their sales performance and compensation system could benefit from the significant upgrade that the Commissioner module can. add. Client and trader profitability can then be added, or perhaps the broker has always wanted to offer outsourced trading or have a built-in compliance module.

To meet this demand, Castine expanded its operations to the United States, England and Argentina. “As a leading provider of sales performance, commission management and compensation solutions for financial services companies, Castine is honored to have the recognition associated with these wins and to all the clients we serve,” said said Tom Smith, Executive Vice President of Castine.

About Castin

Castine LLC is an industry leader in sales performance, commission management, compliance and compensation systems. Castine’s C3 suite is used worldwide by retail and institutional brokers, asset managers and hedge funds.

Aurora J. William