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Joey Salamon

The 40ft by 25ft mural, titled Polychromatic Super You, was installed by LGBTQ+ artist Joey Salamon in Ferndale.

A vibrant and interactive mural celebrating Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community enlivened the side of a brick building in downtown Ferndale.

The 40-by-25-foot mural, titled Super you full colorwas conceptualized and installed by the Detroit Metropolitan Corporation Joey Salamon, LGBTQ+ artistwhose hypnotic work often features a rainbow color palette and three-dimensional geometric shapes.

JARS Cannabis, a major marijuana retailer in Michigan, and HYPE Cannabis, a caregiver-owned cannabis brand, commissioned the mural as an extension of their collaboration “JARS x HYPE: Smoking with Pride” Campaign which originally launched during Pride Month in June.

The mural, which was unveiled on Friday, is carved into the side of a brick building at 258 W. Nine Mile.

“It’s always an added bonus when I can create artwork with the primary purpose of showcasing LGBTQ+ representation. For companies like JARS and HYPE to invest in projects like this, not only it adds exposure, but it helps connect with the community,” Salamon said in a statement. “For them to hire me for this specific project and let me design freely, it not only shows their confidence in my process, but it also shows their openness for a queer artist to express themselves freely without restrictions on something that is not only personal to me but also to many others in Ferndale and beyond.

It was organized in collaboration with Chicago-based Beauty & Brawnwho specializes in custom art and the creation of murals and installations.

“Beauty & Brawn is both proud and honored to have partnered with JARS and HYPE for their Smoke with Pride initiative as we wholeheartedly champion and support movements that raise awareness for inclusivity, positivity and philanthropy. “, Lindsey Meyers, co-owner of Beauty & Brawn said. “Through the curation of ‘Polychromatic Super You’, we sought to engage viewers in a joyful, interactive and unique visual experience. The mural highlights Joey Salamon’s vibrant and colorful personality, vision and artistic talent. incredible, as well as his generous heart spirit that he brings to Ferndale and cities across America.

The mural incorporates digital technology to raise awareness and solicit donations to support the LGBTQ+ community in Metro Detroit. The mural includes a plaque that features a QR code that allows visitors to scan to donate to Detroit’s LGBTQ+ haven, the Ruth Ellis Center, and learn more about JAR’s initiative and resources.

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Aurora J. William