candidates for the municipal commission zone 2

NEW SMYRNA BEACH — With Fred Cleveland as the new elected mayor, residents of New Smyrna Beach now have City Commission vacancies to fill.

One of them is the Zone 2 race between Lisa Martin and David McKenna. Both candidates received the most votes in the August primary.

In the Zone 1 race, incumbents Michael Kolody and Valli Perrine are vying for the seat. Both races are scheduled for November 8.

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The News-Journal posed the following questions to each candidate with a request to limit responses to 100 words. Answers that exceeded the word limit were edited for space; otherwise, responses are presented as submitted, except for minor punctuation corrections.

The candidates

Lisa Martin

Age:Martin declined to share his age.

Occupation: Design of communication networks and sale of equipment (retired).

Political experience: No prior elective mandate.

Three priorities:

1. Revise the new Smyrna Beach Land Development Regulations to protect our environment and neighborhoods.

2. Prioritize the needs of local residents and businesses.

3. Assessing the 50% budget increase over the 2020/2021 fiscal year from my perspective as a fiscal conservative concerned about a recession.

Why are you running?

Locals need a voice on the board. Since 2009, I have spent thousands of hours in town meetings and talking with town staff. My background in large corporations and my experience with the city provide me with the knowledge and skills to be an effective advocate for New Smyrna Beach residents, local businesses and the environment.

What is the life achievement that sheds light on the kind of city commissioner you will be?

Early in my career, I was hired as a regional sales manager for a large company. Unbeknownst to me, my predecessor engaged in unsavory activities and undermined the team. The territory was underperforming. The team assumed this would continue. Overcoming skepticism and building trust in the team was my first success in this role. This allowed us to move forward and succeed as a team.

We have risen to the top spot within a few years and have won numerous awards. This was accomplished through productive collaboration with the team and clients. I worked smart and hard while playing fair.

What is it about New Smyrna Beach that you cherish and will fight to protect, and conversely, what will you fight to change?

I cherish the personal atmosphere of the small town of New Smyrna. I will fight to protect our local businesses, our artistic community and our environment – the characteristics that make New Smyrna Beach a charming and unique place to live.

Having lived in New Smyrna for over a decade, I have seen our trees cut down and our lagoon filled with pollution. I will fight to meet and improve the standards that protect our people, our property, our neighborhoods and our ecological systems.

David McKenna

David McKenna, 2022 candidate for New Smyrna Beach City Commission Zone 2.

Age: 60

Occupation: Owner, Healthcare Revenue Management Company, Epilog Solutions.

Political experience: None. This is my first time running for office.

Three priorities:

1. Preserving NSB’s rich history, while ensuring that our growth is balanced and responsible, with accountability for all new developments to minimize environmental impact with zero historic erosion.

2. Support our local businesses and try to engage with the best organizations to build the US 1 Corridor with great new businesses that bring vitality and job growth.

3. Protect our residents and give them a strong sense of security at every turn, supporting all of our first responders with budget allocations that enable excellent hiring and retention.

Why are you running?

I am running because I have noticed a lack of business experience in the two current commissioners, but especially in my opponent. This lack of leadership does not bode well for a thriving community, as I believe that a successfully run community is done using business principles.

What is the life achievement that sheds light on the kind of city commissioner you will be?

I started a business from scratch and grew it into a successful entity. It demonstrates my ability to work with people to identify and solve problems with real world solutions. I will approach the role of commissioner with the same level of dynamism, positivity and productivity. I get things done!

What is it about New Smyrna Beach that you cherish and will fight to protect, and conversely, what will you fight to change?

What I love most about NSB are the people. People make the city what it is and are the cornerstone. I will fight to give people a strong sense of security, unity and a shared commitment to each other. I will fight to change some of the patterns of poor planning and zoning decisions that we will face in the years to come and the pressure of growth. We are at a critical stage in the life of NSB and we need proven leaders to rise to the challenge.

Aurora J. William