Calling all artists! Park City to Commission Art for 2022 Cindy Matsumoto Historic Preservation Award

If you’re a local artist with an eye for historic places, Park City has a job for you.

The Cindy Matsumoto Award for Historic Preservation has been awarded annually by the city, but has been suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. The award recognizes places that are good examples of Park City’s guidelines for historic districts and historic sites.

This year’s recipient of the award is 1141 Park Avenue, a restored residential property in Old Town.

The city is now asking artists to submit a proposal for an artwork commemorating the property. The city’s budget for the artwork is $1,800.

Park City Planner Aiden Lillie says the city is specifically looking for paintings, and the art will hang alongside past winners at City Hall.

“It’s adopted into the city’s public art collection, so it will be on display,” says Lillie. “The owner may receive a copy of the painting we produce for them, along with a plaque acknowledging the structure as the recipient of this award, but the original will hang in City Hall as part of our collection of public art.

The last time the city commissioned an artist for this award was in 2018, when Glenwood Cemetery was shortlisted. Local artist Anna Leigh Moore got the job and painted the cemetery. She says she spent months on the project, in part because she chose slow-drying oil paints as her medium.

Moore says artists interested in participating in this year’s commission should take the time to learn about the property before submitting an offer. She says this process helped her with her pitch for the cemetery.

“Yes, you can look on Google Images and take a drive with an iPhone, but I think it’s really important to go to real space, maybe at different times of the day, even at different seasons and see what makes it shine,” she said. said. “Maybe get some context too, maybe who lived there. I think the more layers of context you can bring to a painting, the richer it becomes and the more you are able to incorporate that story into the painting.

Artists interested in this project must submit their proposals no later than 5 p.m. on March 14.

A link to the RFP can be found here.

Aurora J. William