Bryan Hitch’s Website Is Down… Literally


Bryan Hitch has had an online gallery for his works longer than most, and is keen to send potential buyers of his original comic book work through the site. It also seems fo a roaring trade and it gets pages ASAP. Given the popularity of his art style and the comic book characters he has worked on, he can also charge quite a bit of money and people are happy to pay it, especially with the recent drop in the value of the pound. .

It may be a little more difficult now than before. The website currently reads “Site under maintenance. Bryan Hitch gallery and sales are closed. I agreed to build a shop for comic book artist Bryan Hitch over three years ago. He promised to draw an order of my choice After three years of countless delays and apologies, the art has yet to come to fruition. So if you’re here to buy art, my apologies. I can’t say his apology wasn’t entertaining, So there you go Justin Washburn.

Justin Washburn is a comic book collector and you can see his Comic Arts Fan collection page here. When asked for further comment, Juston told Bleeding Cool “The disclaimer on the website pretty much covers it, really nothing more to add. Just another all-too-common scenario ‘never come across. your heroes. “Such is life.” Bryan Hitch did not respond to emails sent yesterday. This is what the website looked like, as preserved by the Wayback Machine.

Screenshot of Wayback Machine

Bryan Hitch is a long-time and much-loved British artist and writer, who began working for Marvel UK on Death’s Head, before being grabbed by US companies such as DC/Wildstorm for Stormwatch and The Authority, DC’s JLA Comics and Marvel Comics. The Ultimates. Hitch’s artwork and designs have appeared in television and film, such as the 2005 BBC revival of Doctor Who and the 2009 reboot movie Star Trek. Bryan Hitch also chose to portray Nick Fury in The Ultimates as Samuel L Jackson, which led to Jackson’s casting in the MCU, and his aesthetic for The Authority and The Ultimates proved to be incredibly influential for the MCU, in particular Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avengers and avengers.

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