Bibb commission launches new changes to the alcohol code

The new codes revolve around increasing security measures.

MACON, Georgia – With about a dozen people in the room, Mayor Lester Miller and Deputy County Attorney Michael McNeill read the new changes to the alcohol codes for the county.

“We want them to know what the law says, what the ordinance says, so if they have a question about anything, if there are any consistent comments that they don’t understand, they can ask these questions on an open platform, ”says Miller.

The new codes revolve around increasing security measures.

He says businesses need 1080p high-definition cameras and must be able to capture the faces and clothing of people in and around the business.

These cameras must be approved and inspected by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office to be successful.

“What we have encountered in cases or in previous cases in convenience stores and other places is that you will not have very good images, so we will make sure we have the best technology available and we will have clear vision and a camera, ”Miller says.

It also emphasizes armed security, which is required for nightclubs.

He says anyone hired for armed security must be authorized by an outside authority before they can carry a weapon while working.

Miller says they will be enforced.

“We send them copies of our prescriptions, we post them on our website. They’re going to be warned, as you close your eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist or not, when we walk through that door, you better be prepared and you better follow the law because we let’s enforce it, ”he said.

Miller says it’s important for companies to pay attention or face the consequences.

“We’re not going to discriminate against any place, any business in Macon-Bibb County, we’re going to treat them all the same.”

The next public meeting of traders will take place this Thursday at the town hall at 1 p.m.

Aurora J. William