Arts Commission invests in a Christmas concert | Local News

COVINGTON, Ind. – On Thursday, July 28, the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced that it had awarded $850 to Covington United Methodist Church for the Community Christmas Concert under the Community Support Grant Program. artistic projects.

At its quarterly business meeting on June 10, the Commission approved funding recommendations for the Arts Project Support and Arts Organization Support grant programs. More than 460 applications were reviewed by 85 Hoosiers from across the state who specialize in arts, community development and finance.

“The projects and organizations that receive funding improve the economic and educational climate of the state of Indiana,” said Alberta Barker, chair of the Indiana Arts Commission. “The Commission is delighted to support this investment in the communities of Hoosier. It is a privilege to elevate the awesome creative work being done across the state.

The Commission has also designated the Community Christmas Concert as an Arts Trust license plate project. Interest accrued by Arts Trust, supported by donations through the sale of Celebrate the Arts license plates, is distributed to one Arts Project Support grant recipient from each county in which there is funded demand. Recipients were selected based on exemplary commitment to community, education, economy and health.

The funds will help bring in a classical guitar and Mallet-Kat duo, named Dove, from Nashville, Tennessee, for the fourth annual Community Christmas Concert.

With these funds, there will be no admission fee, only a free will offer to help with additional expenses.

The Burchfield Brothers are unlike any musical group that has performed in the Covington area. Their concert is a combination of music, storytelling and comedy as each plays the other in an entertaining and captivating way.

Prime timers will love the music while youngsters will be inspired by the arrangements and intrigued by the instrumentation. The concert will be hosted by the Covington United Methodist Church for all to enjoy.

The funding is part of National Endowment for the Arts appropriations distributed by state officials – Indiana Sen. Phil Boots and Sen. Mike Braun, State Rep. Alan Morrison; and US Congressman Jim Baird and US Senator Todd Young who represent Covington and surrounding areas.

“Art and creativity strengthen the fabric of Indiana communities. They foster connection and cohesion, foster the entrepreneurial spirit that communities need to thrive, and create the kinds of communities people want to live in,” said Miah Michaelsen, Executive Director of the Arts Commission. Indiana. “In each of Indiana’s 92 counties, public funding for the arts and creativity is continually proving to be a high-return investment that improves the quality of life for every Hoosier and drives economic development within our state. “

Funding for the Indiana Arts Commission and its programs is provided by the Indiana General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

Aurora J. William