2022 Primary Election: Sandoval County Commission District 1 Candidates

Jeannette Clark. Courtesy picture.

Republican: Jeanette Clark

Community of residence: Sandoval County

What are your qualifications for this position?

Over 40 years, I have developed a wide range of skills, abilities and accomplished experiences that would serve Sandoval County well as a commissioner. Since 1998, I have served as Vice President of our family business, where I co-manage general operations and administration, serve as Director of Sales and Marketing and Accounts Payable, utilize my experience in as web and graphic designer and director, and perform other duties such as long-term planning and budgeting, employee management, showroom sales manager, and telephone reception. I have a sense of service and I spend a lot of time with people every day to assess their needs in order to formulate solutions on which they can agree.

Prior to my tenure as a family business owner, I was program director for several nonprofits, including Girls Clubs of Denver, where I wrote, hosted, and implemented programs primarily for underprivileged young people, some of whom have won national prizes. . Additionally, as Program Director of the YMCA of Santa Fe, I developed after-school, vacation, and summer camp programs for children whose parents had limited funds, for which I was able to obtain a state license.

I believe in servant leadership and celebrating small successes that lead to bigger victories. I am an energetic, optimistic, common-sense conservative. I’m a mother of two, mother-in-law of three, grandmother of 5 (with one more on the way!), and have lived in Placitas for 24 years and in New Mexico for 34 years. I possess essential personal and professional traits for voluntary service as a county commissioner, and will serve with an open mind, a vision of what county government should and could go, and the ability to negotiate and to delegate.

I believe I am an effective communicator and listener, doing my best to ensure smooth operations and communication. I am goal oriented and passionate about my county and truly care about the citizens. I would be honored to represent my county district with hard work, progress and compassion.

Have you ever been convicted or have any pending charges of felony, DWI or domestic violence? Nope

If elected, what would be your short and long term goals?

It would mostly depend on the priorities of Sandoval County and the priorities of the people in the county. As issues evolve, priorities change. We must listen and be open-minded to what is considered important at the time. Everything that is a priority for the people and the county is my priority.

Short and long term goals should include diligent work to ensure citizen and county concerns are heard and thoughtfully addressed, including but not limited to the growth of new and existing businesses , jobs and professional training, economic growth, reasonable taxation, improved infrastructure, security for all citizens, crime prevention and support for education with appropriate resources.

How can people reach you if they have further questions?

People can reach me at the following email: [email protected], or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/JeanetteClark4SCC

What types of industries or businesses should the county consider recruiting? How would you go about the recruitment process?

I would encourage industries and businesses of all types that will benefit the economy of Sandoval County. Some examples are technology, commercial aircraft, manufacturing and innovative concepts providing practical and durable technology, and a variety of businesses that would provide better paying jobs, especially for our young people, so they are not tempted to leave our county or state for others. It is also necessary to be conscientious, responsible and careful in the planning of projects to improve our county in a safe and effective way, using a pragmatic approach to this growth.

How can Sandoval County continue to support tourism?

Improve our infrastructure, provide public safety and crime prevention, and stimulate economic development by encouraging new businesses that attract tourists and benefit our county; and securing many types of events for the Rio Rancho Events Center.

Would you like the county to decrease, maintain or increase its workforce? How would you make this happen?

The level of staffing should be determined by county growth and the tax base that accompanies the growth. A sensible approach would be to increase cautiously based on county growth and the tax base, as expected.

What challenges does Sandoval County face that you would like to address?

Challenges develop and change over time. The challenges relate to the current conditions of our economy, as well as other important factors. Currently, these challenges are public safety, infrastructure and economic development. If we begin to meet these challenges, we will be ready to face others as they arise.

Aurora J. William